4 Ways to Make Your Conference More Professional

25 January 2016
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If you are planning on hosting a business conference, you might be looking for ways to make it appear more professional. This helps to give you a competitive edge and gives others a good reason to attend the conference and make it successful. Here are some tips for a more impressive and professional business conference.

Use a Moderator

The first thing you should consider doing is hiring someone to moderate the conference. While this is entirely optional, choosing someone with a good reputation for moderating conferences can be a great asset. When you have a moderator for the conference, it actually increases the engagement level and attendance level exponentially. They are not just telling people who is going to speak next at the conference, but help get the attendees more involved in various activities, listen to different delegates, and can host a Q&A session at the end of each speaker's session. Some speakers don't like doing the discussion portion, so the moderator is really beneficial.

Make Custom Name Badges

You may also want to have custom badges made for each attendee that is registered to attend. This makes a big impact on your professionalism when people arrive. Instead of giving them a blank name badge to fill out on their own, you can already have their names printed. Of course it is still good to have blank badges in case some people did not register, but still want to attend at the last minute. When printing up the badges, you can just include the attendee's name, or also have other information about the individual, such as their business or title. Also have some VIP badges in case that applies to certain aspects of the conference.

Make the Conference Interactive

Nobody wants to attend a boring business conference that is nothing but listening to speakers and maybe asking some questions at the end. You can really increase the attendance by announcing different activities that will be occurring at the conference. Some activities can be related to the industry, such as having some experts in the technology field having attendees try out their new apps on stage in front of everyone, which can be a lot of fun. Other activities can simply be for fun, such as having some dancing and entertainment each evening after the day's speakers are done.

Utilise Technology

The best conferences now use technology to their advantage. If you want to appear more professional, have the latest technological equipment and experts that know how to use it. Have all presentations not only spoken by the speaker, but also appearing as a video or slideshow on a projector screen on stage. Allow video conference for people who can't attend in person, and provide tablet computers for attendees who need them. Having an excellent sound system is another great asset.